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Our Services

  • Shingles Replacement

  • Flat Roof Installation

  • Eaves Trough Replacement

  • Fascia/Soffit/Siding/leaf Guard

  • Roof Repair

Roof Quality




& Reliable

About Us

  •  At Impressed Roofing, we have served GTA area for a decade. It is hard to figure it out when you need to renew the roof. You may have many questions, such as what company should I choose? What kind of materials should I use? Is that cost in my budget? etcetera. 

  •  There are two sounds after new roofing installation. One is the roofing has done with good condition based on the good workmanship. This is reliable roofing company ; The other one is unreliable roofing company, they never come back when the roof job has done because the mess they done is not easy and cheap to fixed.

  •  Impressed Roofing is a reliable and trustworthy company. Quality roofing is primary target that we are focus on it. The employees are trained, certified and well cooperated because they have worked together for many years. 

  • We are friendly, professional guys and would like to answer all you questions. We also offer you a reasonable and affordable price. please feel free to contract us. The brand new roofing is going to be ready for you soon!

Recent Projects

Excellent Performance 

Our roofing  crew is trained and certified. Good teamwork between our roofers. All roofers in Impressed ROOFING company should obey the company rules and are strictly in accordance with standard workmanship regulations. We follow the standard of roofing process during the job.

Affordable and Reasonable Price

Roofing Replacement is costly for every homeowner. We offer various roofing solutions with different price, we will recommend the best one to you based on your budget. 

Customer Service

Our employees here at Impressed Roofing  work hard to “give the customer what they want, when they want it.” We are here to solve our customer’s roofing problems as well as help to guard against future roofing issues.

Impressed Roofing Complete Satisfaction

Most homeowners are unfamiliar with the roofing process. They don't know what's going to happen, become defensive or anxious. We are always there to solve your concern, it doesn't matter before, during, or after the work. Impressed Roofing has been recognized as an industry leader in quality workmanship, customer satisfaction, and customer reliability since 2015. Our fully qualified staff is here to assist you and we are committed to our customer’s satisfaction!

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